2018 - 21st PSO National Juried Show
 Barb Antilla / Summer Sunset
 Barb Antilla / Crashing Waves
 Barb Antilla / Just Before Dark
 Steve Bennett / Jacksonville Barn
 Steve Bennett / Diamond Country
 Steve Bennett / Fields of Joy
 Sue Bennett / Where Dragonflies Play
 Sue Bennett / Rhymes and Rhythms
  Lora Block / Poppy
 Lora Block / White Face
 Lora Block / Umpqua River
 Peggy Braeutigam / Northwest Sunset
 Peggy Braeutigam / Dark Shadows
 Peter Coons / Reflections
 Peter Coons / Coastal Sloughs
 Peter Coons / Oak Foothills
 Jemma Crae / Joy
 Jemma Crae / Hayfield
 Janis Ellison / Beacon of the Sea
 Janis Ellison / Dune Shadows
 Janis Ellison / Below the Falls
 Kathryn Fehlig / Gladys II
 Darlene Gemmet / Pretty Pears
 Carla Griffin / Memories of Yore
 Carla Griffin / Madrones
 Carla Griffin / Rocks
Patti Hagan / Umpqua River Morning
 Patti Hagan / Canyon Mystery
 Patti Hagan / River's Light
 Jan Horn / Twilight
 Jan Horn / Rodeo Boys
 Norma Hall / Still Petals
 Norma Hall / A Float on the Umpqua
  Marilyn Hurst / Brilliance on the Pond
 Marilyn Hurst / Rhapsody in Blue
 Marilyn Hurst / Rogue River Retreat
 Nancy Jolley / Master of the Marsh
 Nancy Jolley / Pond Pirate
 Judy Kelley / Garden View
 Judy Kelley / The Help
 Cathy Kohler / Early Morn
 Cathy Kohler / Light into Dark
 Cathy Kohler / A Quiet Day
 Cora Larson / Dresses
 Cora Larson / Friends
 Cora Larson / Shoes
 Nancy Misek / Snow at Riley Ranch
 Nancy Misek / The Steen Aspen
 Nancy Misek / A Peaceful Place
 Connie Noah / Secret Slough
 Connie Noah / Early Spring Run
 Connie Noah / Meadows Edge
 Janet Patterson / Spring Meadows
 Janet Patterson / South Umpqua
 Janet Patterson / Magical Waters
 Janet Rawlings / Spring on Mt. Bachelor
 Janet Rawlings / Three Little Bears
 Trudy Reynolds / Badger Canyon Coyote
 Trudy Reynolds / Sunset, Actually
 Judy Richardson / Dustbowl Basin
 Judy Richardson / Summer Morning Thoughts
 Laura Jo Sherman / Owl Visiting
 Laura Jo Sherman / Desert Morning
 Nancy Sorrell / Pastoral
 S J Swinyard / Into the Light
 Genell Garrett-Tuter / Poppies and Lupine
 Genell Garrett-Tuter / Burst of Color
 Ken Tiessen / A Birth of Beauty
 Carol Whitbeck-Young / Two Bags Full
 Genell Garrett-Tuter / Grandpa's Tools
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