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I’m excited to share that I will be teaching a Reductive Pastel Workshop here at the studio March 8-10, 2019.
It’s a twist on pastel painting I learned YEARS ago in art school - it’s on BFK french paper…not sanded.
If you would kindly post it to the site, I would appreciate it.  

Workshop Bio:

I’m offering a 3-day Reductive Pastel Painting ON PAPER workshop called “Color ON, Color OFF”.  For even the experienced pastel painter, this is really a totally new technique combined with mark-making and exploration.  
Here are a couple of nuggets and what to expect:

  • We’ll work vertically on the wall either seated or standing;
  • Our first piece might be HUGE…(just sayin’); 
  • We’ll explore, create, experiment and make a dusty mess but not what you might expect;  
  • There will be several AH HA moments, and I think you’ll love it! Students will work from your sketches, photos, ideas, it’s very open when it comes to subject matter.  The focus will be on watching the process unfold and seeing the beauty that lies beneath!


Contact Carrie at   carriemoorestudios5@gmail.com  or by phone at 503-866-5507 to register. View other works at   www.carriemoorestudios.com.  Home of the Studio on the Knoll.

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