president's message

Dear Artist Friends,

OUR National Show is waiting for artist's to submit their images. The images and entry form need to be received by August 1. We will notify sooner that listed on the schedule. 
We have Mike Beeman as the juror and judge. He will be the Workshop Artist. It will be a 3-day workshop. Share the application on the Beeman page. He has limited space so think it through and please read the workshop application and most of all the 2018 Prospectus as there are some changes.

In June, the 8, 9, 10, 2018, we are scheduling Willo Balfrey for a three day workshop, three days of plein air painting. Willo is already here and painting in the area. More info : Contact Lora at  or 541-440-0567 if you are interested.
Gallery Northwest has helped sell our show paintings. It is a great venue and our people person artists present the paintings in such a good way. 

 Dust on, Lora